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Spring 2013

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International Journal of Modern Engineering


International Association of Journals and Conferencs


In this study, an apparatus was designed to detect changes on the order of grams in the mass of test samples subject to accelerations approaching 275g. The apparatus incorporated a surface speedometer, displacement transducer and on-board data-logging device in order to correlate mass loss events with changes in rotational speed and acceleration. An accessory was also designed to allow for on-board video recording to validate the findings and to better understand the mechanics of mass loss events. Such mass loss events are of interest for high-speed rotating machinery (e.g., manufacturing equipment, turbine rotors and automotive drivetrains), where material can build up and be dislodged, or other mass loss events can occur that currently cannot be measured directly. Results of such a design will allow for identification of mass loss in service for improved equipment diagnostics and control.


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