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Summer 2011

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The Chronicle for Driver Education Professionals


American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association


Novice drivers are overrepresented in traffic crashes and fatalities. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for 16 to 20 year olds and account for one in three deaths in this age group (NHTSA, 2008; CDC, 2010). Significant research has been conducted developing and analyzing driver education and training and education programs. Effective programs identify their target audiences and tailor the program paradigm and methods to their developmental needs. This paper develops a second-stage safe driver program for novice drivers focusing on classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction for four common driving skills and situations: braking, avoiding obstacles, losing control, and tailgating. Based on a review of the available research, four modules are outlined which integrate best practices and training tools aimed to improve not only driver knowledge but behavior, awareness, and driving skills as well.


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