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TMS 2017 146th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Supplemental Proceedings


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The dependence of the strain rate sensitivity of advanced ~1 GPa tensile strength steels on the phases present in their microstructures was studied by testing different steels at 0.005 and 500 s−1. The high strain rate tests were performed using a Kolsky bar setup, while the quasi-static tests were performed using a universal testing machine. The two main steels of interest were the Ferrite-Martensite DP980 and the Ferrite-Martensite-Austenite QP980; the latter being a transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) assisted steel. For comparison, ferritic CR5 mild steel and austenitic stainless steel 201 were also tested under the same conditions. Though the differences in the steel chemistries were not taken into account, the results obtained here suggest a strong relationship between the phase-content of the steel and its response to the changes in the loading rate. The relationships between the observed mechanical behavior and the phases present in the microstructure are discussed.


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