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Terminal Project

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Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)


Planning, Development and Preservation


M. Grant Cunningham

Committee Member

Stephen L. Sperry

Committee Member

Elena Mikhailova


Having a municipal urban forest management plan (UFMP) is not rare, but more cities and towns are embarking on the move to create and adopt this documentation into their codes. An UFMP is effective in maintaining and monitoring vital tree resources that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. For those city staff responsible for tree management, a plan would provide the roadmap for the placement, care, fiscal budgeting of these natural amenities. Steady urbanization and climate change pressures also influence the need for an urban forest management plan. In August 1993, a comprehensive tree plan was drafted by a private consultant firm for the City of Clemson, but for unknown reasons that plan was not adopted by City Council. The City of Clemson’s planning, zoning, and parks and recreation staff are interested in updating the outdated comprehensive tree plan. This study is intended to provide some of the fundamental information to aid in the creation of an updated urban forest management plan (also called comprehensive tree plan) for the City of Clemson. The City of Clemson is a university town located in upstate South Carolina, increasing the importance of maintaining sufficient tree resources for wildlife habitats, residents, students, and visitors.