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Terminal Project

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Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)


Planning, Development and Preservation


Dr. Barry Nocks

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Dr. J. Terrence Farris


Within the last two decades investment in renewable‐sourced electricity such as wind has grown due its emergence as an economically viable alternative to traditional power sources (Wei et al., 2010). Investment in wind development has grown creating economic development opportunities through the creation of jobs and capital investment associated with wind turbine manufacturing, construction, assembly, operations and maintenance. Wind energy development supports environmental initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, a major concern associated with traditional fossil‐fuel sources being utilized for fuel and electricity. Produced domestically, renewable energy sources such as wind improve the United States’ energy security and independence through more reliable energy prices and supply certainty, reducing demand of fuel from foreign sources. These factors, plus the growing demand for electricity forecasted from population growth, has resulted in local, state, regional, and national efforts to support the growth of renewable energy investment.

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