Date of Award


Document Type

Terminal Project

Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)


Planning, Development and Preservation


Dr. Cliff Ellis

Committee Member

Dr. Barry C. Nocks


There is a growing need for a public art master plan in the City of Greenville and an immediate need for a clear vision for art in the City. Creating a master plan could alleviate potential risk for discordant themes and create a dynamic vision for public art in Greenville by encouraging a more selective process and addressing installation procedures and expectations. This analysis explores the criteria for an effective public art plan and determines the framework necessary to implement such a plan in the City of Greenville.

Literature on the subject is abundant, and there are ample master plans available from other cities as well. The literature is used to determine the functions a public art master plan should serve as well as to define what elements a public art plan should include. Additionally, the City of Greenville’s Arts in Public Places Commission and City staff have created and distributed an online survey regarding public preferences for public art, and this may serve as a directional tool for creating the public art master plan framework.

Ideally, the final product presented is a framework for a master plan that will be used as a resource for the City of Greenville. Objectives are established and critical elements for a master plan identified. The document also identifies potential sites, which include a park, special emphasis neighborhood, and commercial corridor example, that could absorb the numerous benefits public art has on its surrounding environment. Statements, goals, and recommendations are made from considering exemplary public art plans from across the country with thoughtful adaptation to the specific context of Greenville.