Date of Award


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Terminal Project

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Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)


Planning, Development and Preservation


Dr. Cliff Ellis

Committee Member

Annemarie Jacques


One of the strongest focuses of Main Street revitalization efforts is improvements to the pedestrian environment. It is nearly impossible for downtown businesses to thrive without an intriguing and comfortable pedestrian environment.

The pedestrian environment is influenced most significantly by the practices of planning, urban design and architecture. In order to create a favorable environment, the efforts of these practices must coincide. Unfortunately this does not always occur. There are stark differences between the theories of contemporary and traditional architecture. This issue can become a problem on Main Streets. Blending of new and old architecture is bound to occur as buildings deteriorate and require façade revitalization or replacement. Planners and urban designers must seek to blend these contrasts. This analysis involves recommendations for the revitalization of Woodruff, South Carolina’s Main Street in order to create a consistent, intriguing and sustainable urban fabric.

Main Street Woodruff, South Carolina is lacking in pedestrian activity because of a combination of economic and physical components. The combination of businesses and the disconnection from the neighboring towns of Spartanburg and Greenville deter visitors from spending their time and money downtown. Many of the business owners do not perform necessary maintenance and make improvements to their buildings due to perceived unaffordability. This study analyzes the physical conditions of Woodruff’s Main Street with suggestions for particular businesses that could take place of vacant buildings based on market analysis, as well as streetscape and façade improvement recommendations and strategies for implementation.