Date of Award


Document Type

Terminal Project

Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)


Planning and Landscape Architecture


Dr. Clifford Ellis

Committee Member

Dr. Anne Dunning


Land use patterns and transportation are inter-connected components of any city form. The segregation of land uses and dependence on automobiles in the lives of Americans has resulted in the creation of suburbs that lack sense of place and result unsustainable communities. The city of Greenville, SC is growing steadily and the trend of land development to manage population growth is happening in an unsustainable manner. Proactive thinking and planning of any area is necessary to build vibrant and sustainable communities. There needs to be strong long range planning initiatives to build transit-oriented developments in order to grow in a sustainable manner.

The research presented focuses on designing such a community that increases transit patronage and builds a sense of place. The design of the transit oriented development is selected in a location that lies along the transit corridor and is suitable for accommodating population growth.

The following study provides the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU ICAR) with a transit-oriented development master plan proposal as a viable solution to increase quality of life and sense of place. The plan integrates the land uses proposed in its surrounding area while creating walkable neighborhoods and preserving environmentally sensitive areas. The study is based on the future land use map of City of Greenville, SC. The final plan is an illustrative master plan showing land uses and building composition.