Date of Award


Document Type

Terminal Project

Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning (MCRP)


Planning and Landscape Architecture


Professor Daniel Nademcek

Committee Member

Dr. Umit Yilmaz

Committee Member

Dr. James London

Committee Member

Dr. Caitlin Dyckman


Natural disasters can take a devastating toll on the communities that are struck by them, earthquakes are especially devastating due to their sudden and unpredictable nature. These seismic events often take the greatest tolls in the developing world and it is the international community that is called on to assist in the recovery and reconstruction effort. In directing redevelopment, aid and development agencies have a responsibility to provide modern solutions that respect and respond to the needs of the community. This terminal project will examine the issues associated with disaster redevelopment; the need to address environmental constraints and hazards, responsibility to a region’s socio-cultural sensitivities and redevelopment’s impact on traditional building practices.