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At the 2018 Southeastern Resource Sharing Conference I gave a lightning talk titled “Where Do We Belong? Where Does Resource Sharing Fit in an Academic Library?” to share the results of an informal survey to find where resource sharing departments are found in academic library organizational structures. Since then, Clemson University Libraries engaged in a reorganization and the resource sharing team will be moved (as of July 1, 2022) from the new Teaching, Learning, and Research Division (a division centered around public services) to the new Collections and Discovery Division (a more technical services-based division). This lighting talk will share the results of a 2022 redux of the 2018 survey and compare the two sets of data to see if resource sharing departments have moved within organizational structures. Also discussed will be the transition of the Clemson Libraries resource sharing team to a new division, how the team’s roll in that division has been defined, and how resource sharing stays connected to public services within the Libraries.


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Southeastern Resource Sharing Conference, October 13-14, 2022, Nashville, Tennessee