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Although libraries regularly change in response to personnel turnover, budget constraints, and user needs, a full-blown library reorganization can be a process full of uncertainty and anxiety. This poster will discuss an ongoing reorganization at an R1 university that merges the E-resources Team, the Continuing Resources and Government Documents Team, the Collection Management Team, and Resource Sharing Team into one department of 17 employees. The poster will demonstrate how the three supervisors of these teams are working with their respective groups to mindfully engage with the change process at hand with the goal of mitigating some of the stress involved and creating positive change. To do so these groups are creating channels of clear communication, building relationships to assess team structures and workflows, and helping to develop individualized coping strategies. After attending this poster session, attendees will be better able to help prepare personnel for change, foster staff morale, communicate both concerns and wins, build new relationships with colleagues, and find opportunities for internal collaboration. Plans for evaluating these efforts post-reorganization will also be discussed.


Presented at ALA Annual 2022, June 23-28 in Washington, D.C.