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Coalition for Networked Information Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting


This project briefing detailed three occupancy-management technologies, and their accompanying policies and procedures, that were deployed by Clemson Libraries to address the challenges of operating a physical library during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Clemson’s main library, Cooper Library, tracked occupancy through a combination of novel and existing solutions: 1) a home-grown access management system that uses institutional IDs, 2) a real-time entry/exit automatic counter, 3) seat and appointment booking through Springshare. The three-pronged approach allowed for immediate control and oversight, while providing safe and equitable access to the Clemson University community. Each project required unique policy and procedure planning. Of particular note is the collaboration with university central IT to create and customize the access management system, which was also deployed in campus dining halls, bookstore, fitness centers, and showcased on the university’s mobile app.

The project enhanced institutional interdisciplinary partnerships and solidified a long-term collaborative network. Additionally, Clemson’s customization of Springshare’s seat booking system provided a unique vantage point into the decision-making process and the adoption of multiple systems for discrete needs, though it required extensive research and customization. The project briefing also covered the implications that the decisions we made could affect future operations of our organization.