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El Croquis, GA Houses, AV Monografías: monographic serials or serial monographs? These titles represent some of the highest-quality sources for the plans, sections, elevations, and site plans students rely on in their study of architectural precedents, so we want students to be able to exploit them thoroughly. How our library catalogs display these resources–as periodicals with a basic serial record, or as monographs with individual titles, subject headings, and content notes –significantly affects how discoverable and, ultimately, how useful their best features are. This presentation examines how we at Clemson’s Gunnin Architecture Library went about rethinking and reconfiguring our treatment of the magazine El Croquis in order to improve student access, using insights gained from AASL librarians via the AASL-L list and guided by the indexing practices of the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals.


Presented at the Association of Architecture School Librarians 39th Annual Conference in Detroit, MI, Thursday, March 23rd, 2017.