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16th International Conference - Efficiency and Responsibility in Education





Start-up packages are time limited financial and material resources offered by universities to incoming faculty during the hiring process. Previous research findings on gender equity within the start-up packages are mixed. Therefore, this study is exanimating the role of gender on the content of start-up packages, satisfaction with the packages, university honoring start­up packages, and contribution of start-up packages to faculty professional development. Data corresponds to a Start-Up Package Satisfaction Survey of faculty at all ranks (N = 96) administered in an American Southeastern public research university in 2018. Results from this study indicated that there are significant differences between male and female faculty in the overall satisfaction with the start-up packages, and in faculty perception on university honoring their start-up packages offers. Specifically, female faculty were less satisfied with start-up packages and were more likely to perceive that the university did not honor their start­up packages.

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