An update of the State Water Plan is underway in South Carolina. The purpose of the State Water Plan is to develop a water resources policy for South Carolina. A significant portion of the State Water Plan update is to include stakeholders into the planning process. Clemson University continues to facilitate the stakeholder engagement components of the steps to an updated water plan. This research is pertinent to the Groundwater Availability Assessment phase of the State Water Planning process. Overall, stakeholders were interested in all identified groundwater areas of interest in South Carolina. Additionally, they intended to be involved in the entire stakeholder process for groundwater and became more informed on the Groundwater Availability Assessment. Stakeholders agreed that groundwater modeling provided useful information for users in the state and thought the Groundwater Availability Assessment was important for water resources management. Nuances in stakeholder types and registered or permitted users versus nonregistered or nonpermitted users provide important details beyond general results. Moving forward, there are some more mixed results of the stakeholder engagement meetings that are important for planning and decision-making. The groundwater assessment meeting results had general agreement about the appropriateness of the scope, but had less certainty than other questions. Stakeholders generally identified the need for the allocation of additional resources for the planning process. Additionally, mixed results highlight the differences surrounding perceptions of the need for statewide permitting of groundwater resources. This exploratory research is important to water management in South Carolina because it assesses buy-in from those interested in or affected by water resource recommendations forthcoming at the end of the State Water Plan update.



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