Patent and Trademark Resource Centers (PTRCs) serve as an off-site connection to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Approximately 85 PTRCs exist to assist inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers by providing facilities, resources, and expertise. Most of these libraries also have a website which, in addition to USPTO webpages, serves as a gateway to the world of patent and trademark research. These websites provide access to various resources while also functioning as an outreach tool to the public.

This study included a content analysis of 79 websites belonging to PTRC libraries. After a literature review of other website studies, the researcher came up with 173 criteria to analyze on each library’s patent and trademark website. Data includes specific resources listed, timeliness of information, website find-ability, and an analysis of URLs. This article will report findings and suggest best practices through standardizing nomenclature, content, and layout of patent and trademark websites.