Volume 44, Number 6 (2006)

Editor's Page


Feature Articles


Managing Agricultural Risk: Examining Information Sources Preferred by Limited Resource Farmers
Ingrid Nya Ngathou, James O. Bukenya, and Duncan M. Chembezi


Opening Doors: A Qualitative Evaluation of the Waterbury Youth Leadership Project
Matthew S. Mutchler, Stephen A. Anderson, Margaret Grillo, and Harry Mangle

Research in Brief


Attitudes of 4-H Participants About 4-H Competitive Events
Rama B. Radhakrishna, Lydia Everhart, and Megan Sinasky


University of Minnesota Horse Owner Survey: Building an Equine Extension Program
Krishona Martinson, Marcia Hathaway, Julia H. Wilson, and Betsy Gilkerson


Relationship of Dairy Producer Management Styles to Overall Return on Assets
Emily K. Zimmerman, Lisa A. Holden, John E. Park, and Jeffrey Hyde

Ideas at Work


Encouraging Youth Participation Through Children's Garden Consulting
Kristi Lekies, Marcia Eames-Sheavly, and Kimberly Wong


Extension's Role in Developing "Choice" Food Pantries in Southwest Ohio
Daniel Thomas Remley, Toni Gallagher, Joyce McDowell, and Mary Kershaw


4-H Animal Welfare Assessment: Does it Work?
Kimberly Anderson, Karen Waite, and Camie Heleski

Tools of the Trade


Developing Culturally Appropriate Evaluation Instruments for Hispanics with Diabetes
Marisa B. Warrix, Ruben D. Nieto, and Mary Ann Nicolay


Evaluation Tool for Community Development Coalitions
Holly Berry, Sally R. Bowman, Rebecca Hernandez, and Clara Pratt


Enumeration and Valuation of Horses: Methodological Innovations and Results from a Connecticut Study
Jenifer Nadeau, Farhed Shah, Anita Chaudhry, and Jose Maripani


Anger Management Toolbox for Parents
Michaelyn (Mikki) Bixler, Alice M. Crites, and Jo Anne Kock


Training and the Needs of Adult Learners
Carrie Ota, Cynthia F. DiCarlo, Diane C. Burts, and Robert Laird


Listening to the Youth Voice in Planning Leadership Development Programs
Jacklyn A. Bruce, Sam Nicola, and Tamella Menke