Volume 44, Number 3 (2022)

Editor's Page


Bad Writing Obscures Good Work
Laura Hoelscher



The Ups and Downs of the Workplace
Patreese D. Ingram

Feature Articles


Learning from Latino Community Efforts
Peggy Gregory, Joe Camarillo, Dave Campbell, and Steve Dasher


Cooperative Extension and the 1890 Land-Grant Institution: The Real Story
Marcus M. Comer, Thasya Campbell, Kelvin Edwards, and John Hillison


Mentoring: A Promising Approach for Involving At-Risk Youth in 4-H
Kathleen Riggs, Thomas Lee, James P. Marshall, and Ellen Serfustini


A Professional Guide for Parenting Educators: The National Extension Parenting Educators' Framework
Karen DeBord, Don Bower, H Wallace Goddard, and Jacqueline Kirby Wilkins

Research in Brief


On-Line Professional Development for Extension Educators
Aysem R. Senyurekli, Jodi Dworkin, and Joel Dickinson


Farm-Level Human Resource Management: An Opportunity for Extension
Kathryn Brasier, Jeffrey Hyde, Richard E. Stup, and Lisa A. Holden


The Effectiveness of a Public Nutrition Education and Wellness System Program
Wash A. Jones, Carolyn J. Nobles, and Alvin Larke Jr


An Analysis of Split-Director Administrative Positions Within Ohio State University Extension
Greg Homan, Andy Kleinschmidt, Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, and Carol Trice

Ideas at Work


A Community Approach to Target Inactivity
Kathleen Shimomura Morgan


Gold Rush: Exploring an Alternative 4-H Livestock Experience
Andrew M. Lazur, Deborah B. Pouder, Monica L. Brinkley, and Elaine Shook

Tools of the Trade


Tips for Communicating Agricultural Safety to Children
Charles V. Schwab, Laura L. Miller, and Lynn M. Graham


Watershed Learning Activity: Coming to Terms with Geographic Scale
Tricia G. Knoot, Nancy Grudens-Shuck, and Lisa A. Schulte