Volume 39, Number 5 (2001)

Editor's Page


Editor's Page
Laura Hoelscher

Feature Articles


Interactive Distance Learning Effectively Provides Winning Sports Nutrition Workshops
Jennifer Ricketts, Sharon Hoelscher-Day, Gale Begeman, and Linda Houtkooper

Research in Brief


An Examination of Rural Recycling Drop-Off Participation
Thomas W. Blaine, Kimberly D. Mascarella, and DeAnna N. Davis


Content Analysis of Media Coverage of the 1995 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Debra Palmer Keenan, Rayane AbuSabha, and Natalie G. Robinson

Ideas at Work


Scoring IPM Adoption in Ohio: It Really Adds Up
Jim Jasinski, Bruce Eisley, Ted Gastier, and Joe Kovach


Involving Undergraduate Students as Extension Program Interns
Bill Rogers, Kristi Mason, and Jim Cornelius


Adapting a College Credit Course to Extension Programming Needs
C Dean Yonts, Brian L. Benham, Chuck Burr, and Dean E. Eisenhauer


Joseph J. Maiorano

Tools of the Trade


In Over Your Head: A Tool for Agents Working with Clients in Financial Crisis
Diane E. Johnson, Christine F. Olinsky, Jean Clements, and Kathy Michelich