JOE Associate Editors

  • Fernando Alferez, University of Florida
  • Jenna Anding, Texas A&M University
  • James Bates, Ohio State University
  • Ben Campbell, University of Georgia
  • Benton Glaze, University of Idaho
  • Heidi Kratsch, University of Nevada-Reno
  • Sonja Koukel, New Mexico State University
  • Erin Yelland, Kansas State University
  • Martin H. Smith, University of California, Davis

The Journal of Extension is currently accepting applications for two editorial positions:

Section Editor - Tools of the Trade

We seek an individual to review all manuscripts submitted for the Tools of the Trade category. Tools of the Trade articles identify and describe specific materials, books, techniques, and technologies useful to U.S. Extension professionals. The Section Editor will be responsible for reviewing all Tools of the Trade submissions for rigor and potential impact, aiding authors in developing promising manuscripts, and making final publication recommendations. The full position description can be found here.

Associate Editor

We seek an Associate Editor to review manuscripts dealing with a diverse set of topics, including social justice, disability, mental health, equity and belonging, and specialized populations. The Associate Editor will be responsible for determining whether submitted content is relevant to the JOE audience, aiding authors in developing promising manuscripts before peer review, managing the peer review process, and making a final publication recommendation. Each Associate Editor is expected to manage 3-5 articles per month. The full position description can be found here.