Watermelon Fungicide Guide for 2019

Author #1

I would like to have this spray guide available online by April 30.

Response to Reviews:

Re: sunburning with Orondis Opti. There isn't room in this guide to repeat information on the fungicide label. I don't consider the sunburning to be a serious problem, or I would make room for a comment about it.

The main cropping season (90%) for SC watermelon is spring, but there is some fall acreage every year.

The spray program in the tables includes the recommended fungicides, but not all effective fungicides. On page 1, I mention the best fungicides under each disease for growers who want to choose fungicides based on diseases rather than follow a set program.

I use a.i. for fungicides for which there are a number of different products and trade names for fungicides for which there aren't generic brands.

Re: spraying in rotated fields. I added the phrase "all watermelon crops" to Point 1 under Step-by-Step Spraying.

I don't think there is room for 2 tables. If I decide to make a separate fact sheet on gummy stem blight next year, then there should be room for a spring and a fall table.


The Watermelon Fungicide Guide for 2019 provides fungicide recommendations for watermelon growers in the southeastern United States. The fungicide program targets four key foliar diseases that are common on watermelon, including gummy stem blight, powdery mildew, anthracnose, and downy mildew. The guide will be useful to growers, crop consultants, and Extension agents.