Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)


Dr. Gregory Mocko

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Mechanical Engineering

Publication Date

Spring 2013


TVGs are entities that carry assembly process descriptions, assembly time estimations, product workspaces and other meta-information. These TVGs get assigned to workstations during line balancing. In order to ensure that line workers do not intrude upon each other’s workspace, product workspaces are needed. Generating and maintaining product workspace information for every TVG is automated by use of the Bauraum Identification Tool developed in this research. All assembly work instructions must have time studies. Methods Time Measurement (MTM) are charts that provide assembly time estimations based on the part information. There are 22 MTM tables and several pieces of information are required to arrive at a time study. Using MTM tables to generate assembly time estimates is an error-prone process. The MTM estimate generator developed provides support by presenting a reduced set of MTM tables. Automated line balancing algorithms have not been able to capture all expert knowledge. The output of these algorithms is unintuitive with regards to allowing manual edits. The Line balancing Visualization and Editing Tool takes in the output of one algorithm and visualizes the information. The tool allows users to edit the assignment made by the algorithm and notifies the user of inconvenient assignments.