Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)


Dina Battisto

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Spring 2013


Heat Island Effect is a notable environmental issue that has the potential to negatively impact the built urban environment and adjacent suburban areas. While Heat Island Effect should be an important consideration for anyone studying in the field of architecture and environment, it is a subject that may sometimes go unaddressed in academic settings. The purpose of this research project is to investigate students’ familiarity with HIE and to observe whether they consider it during the design process. This information will help to generate the most effective methods for educating and informing students on the topic of Heat Island Effect. We conducted general research on Heat Island Effect based on findings from entities such as the Environmental Protection Agency and United States Green Building Council. This helped us to formulate survey questions that were posed to forty-nine Clemson students in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. We also interviewed two architecture students and one professional landscape designer. Our findings show that 49% of the students were unfamiliar with Heat Island Effect and 63% of survey takers agree that more education on the subject combined with design guidelines could be introduced to bring more awareness on the subject.