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We present Quantum Local Search (QLS) approach and demonstrate its efficacy by applying it to the problem of community detection in real-world networks. QLS is a hybrid algorithm that combines a classical machine with a small quantum device. QLS starts with an initial solution and searches its neighborhood, iteratively trying to find a better candidate solution. One of the main challenges of the quantum computing in NISQ era is the small number of available qubits. QLS addresses this challenge by using the quantum device only for the neighborhood search, which can be restricted to be small enough to fit on near-term quantum device. We implement QLS for modularity maximization graph clustering using QAOA on IBM Q Experience as a quantum local solver. We demonstrate the potential for quantum acceleration by showing that existing state-of-the-art optimization solvers cannot find a good solution to the local problems quickly and provide an estimate of how larger quantum devices can improve the performance of QLS.