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The NECAP Program -The Nutrition Education for Children Attending Preschool Program

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Spring 2015


Nutrition education should be introduced early in life to promote healthy eating and physical activity throughout life. The understanding these important lifestyle actions is important for young children, and this is as early as 3 years old when the child forms food preferences.They begin to recognize food flavors, colors, textures and smells. It is estimated that 42-51% of children that attend day-care in the USA spend almost 35 hours/week there, indicating the role of this facility on the lives of young children.The aims of this research study is to: 1) Explore the perceptions, preferences, and dietary intake of the main food groups of preschool children at a daycare. 2) Explore the availability, choices, and preparation of the main food groups by the care providers. 3) Design and present a nutrition education program to the children and their care providers teaching healthy eating habits, food choices and long-term health benefits . 4) Evaluate the results of the presentations and their impact on the children and care providers and adjust the program accordingly. 5) Observe the first aim again to see if there is any change in perceptions, preferences, and intake of the main food groups by the children and their caregivers.

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