Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)

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Spring 2015


The romantic preservation movement is credited with helping preserve many parks and wilderness areas in the U.S.A. The philosophy behind romanticism espoused respect for nature and enhancement of its integrity as opposed to fear for nature and the attempts to conquer it. What if those same principles of reverence for nature and ecological integrity were integrated into urban landscapes? There is increasing recognition of the role of proximity to nature in enhancing the wellbeing and quality of life and thus an effort to enhance and bring back green infrastructures urbanized areas. Residents and visitors use such spaces for recreation, connection with nature and also for educational purposes. This research looks at the role of urban parks and other green infrastructures in the rebirth of the City of Chattanooga, TN, once the dirtiest city in America. Findings suggest that investment in environmentally-sensitive recreation amenities were pivotal in re-imaging the city.