Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)


A Case Study of Parent and Family Engagement Practices in a Pre-Collegiate Summer Program

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Spring 2015


The United States’ economic future and ability to compete in the global economy is dependent on its ability to close the persisting and widening educational attainment gaps by increasing college-going and college completion among underserved and first-generation populations. College access programs that involve parents and families experience success in helping first-generation college students and marginalized student in navigating the college choice process. While the literature on college choice and college preparation programs identifies parent and family involvement as one of the most influential factor in the college going process, there is an evident lack of research focused on how such programs engage parents and families. Recognizing this gap, this proposal for an instrumental case study, exploring a summer college access program parent and family engagement practices aims to expand the conversation to help inform the efforts of practitioners, researchers and policymakers who are working to improve college-going and completions for underserved and first-generation college students.

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