Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)


Study of Form


Tanna Burchinal


David Detrich

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Spring 2013


It is the temporal that is sublime for me; it is a profound way of representing life but more importantly existence. My work is a tribute to the struggle of acceptance, and the realization of shortcomings as we navigate the human condition. In the ephemeral, there exists the feeling of letting go, accepting instability and the unforeseeable. That transition is an enlightening act; the journey of reckoning with maturing is what I memorialize in my works. I utilize the ephemeral, the subdued, the neutral by effecting space with media that metaphorically illustrate aspects of the human condition. Making the body as intangible as constructs of identity, is one way I employ my interest in acts of preservation. The things of the here and now, are immediate and then they are gone, but I find them worthy of representation. I represent conditions not in a way of permanence, but in a way that is as evasive as our time spent in the physical world. I expect my viewers to spend time with my installations in reflection of those acts,and conditions. My messages are relatable and broad, but unique to myself through my style, my material choices, and my personal experiences.

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