Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS)

Clemson’s Graduate Student Government is proud to present the annual Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS). GRADS showcases the innovative and outstanding work of Clemson’s graduate students while promoting the studies being conducted in the arts, humanities, sciences, and engineering. In addition, the event provides an opportunity for students to enhance their presentation skills and disseminate their research to those outside of their discipline.

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Submissions from 2019

Understanding Consumers' Decision Making: Effect of Anecdotal Comments Integrated with Public Reports, Sruthy Agnisarman, Amal Ponathil, Snehal Lopes, and Kapil Chalil Madathil

Understanding the Role of Grain Boundaries in Nanoscale Sintering, Maher AlGhalayini and Fadi Abdeljawad

Identity and disease cycle of a smut fungus on wiregrass in a longleaf pine-grassland ecosystem in the Southeastern USA, Abeer Alqurashi, Julie Kerrigan, Kyryll Savchenko, and Joan Walker

The Role of the bacterial secondary messenger, cyclic di-guanosine-monophosphate, in Interkingdom communication, Joseph Angeloni

Metabolic adaptation during infection in the intestinal parasite Entamoeba histolytica: roles of PFK enzymes, Irem Bastuzel and Cheryl Ingram-Smith

Consequences of Teen Childbearing on Child Health, Shubhashrita Basu and Devon Gorry

Preventing Infection and Biofilm Formation on Surface Modified Orthopedic Implants, Shayesteh Beladi Behbahani, Sarah M. Helms, John D. DesJardins, and Marian S. Kennedy

Psychosocial Implications of Prenatal Telehealth Genetic Counseling: A Systematic Review, Lauren Beretich, Jane DeLuca, and Julia Eggert

The Effect of Temperature on the Performance and Microbial Community of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors for Treatment of Domestic Wastewater, Emily Blair, Negin Kananizadeh, Colby Cash, and Sudeep Popat

Functional morphology of shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata Mill) fire-adapted traits, BL Blood and GG Wang

Panning for Gold: Spectroscopy of Heavy Elements for Neutron Star Mergers, Steven Bromley, Curtis Johnosn, Chad Sosolik, and Philip Stancil

A user-centered design exploration of fully autonomous vehicles' passenger compartments for at-risk populations, Johnell Brooks, Lauren Mims, Casey Jenkins, and Pete Denman

How Adolescent-Parent Relationships Effect Adolescent Religiosity, Thomas Clanton, Corliss Outley, Kyle Woosnam, and William McIntosh

Uranium isolation and concentration using membranes for nuclear foresics applications, Abenazer Darge, Timothy A. DeVol, and Scott M. Husson

The Effect of Different Freezing Temperatures and Long-Term Storage on The Stability of Peaches, Paul Dawson, Wesam Al-Jeddawi, and James Rieck

The Impact of Positive Psychology on Change Readiness in Organization Development, Joann N. Demos

Resource Selection Patterns of Larval Eastern Hellbenders in North Carolina, Lauren Diaz, Catherine M.B. Jachowski, Lori A. Williams, and Shem D. Unger

MICA-G129R: Protein Bridge of Natural Killer Cells and Breast Cancer, Hui Ding

Phytophthora nicotianae and P. palmivora: Emerging pathogens of hybrid lavender (Lavandula xintermedia), Daniel M. Dlugos and Steven N. Jeffers

Preparation of alginate nanocomposite film reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals extracted from Sargassum spp., Hansol Doh and William Scott Whiteside

The Host Community Perceptions of Volunteer Tourists in the Northern Tourist circuit, Tanzania. Implications for Sustainable Tourism, Peter M. Ezra

Reducing Perioperative Phases of Care Durations through Improved Efficiency, Lawrence Fredendall, Yann Ferrand, Kevin Taaffe, and Dee San

Assessing Creativity: Exploring the Relationships among Self-assessment, Teacher Ratings and Divergent Thinking Tests, Qianyi Gao and Meihua Qian

Oral Citrulline: Malate Drenching as a Treatment for Late Gestation Fescue Toxicosis in Sheep and the Impact on Neonatal Characteristics, M. A. Greene, J. L. Britt, M. C. Miller, and S. K. Duckett

Experimental Investigation of Friction Stir Processing Scallop Removal Utilizing Complex Toolpaths, Tyler Grimm and Laine Mears

Teaching "Soil Forming Factors: Climate" using an ESRI Story Map, G. R. Groshans, E. A. Mikhailova, C. J. Post, and M. A. Schlautman

Effects of Local and Global Dynamics on the Supertertiary Organization of Postsynaptic Density Protein 95, George Hamilton, Jakub Kubiak, Mark Bowen, and Claus AM Seidel

The Impact of Property Rights on the Congestion in Electricity Distribution Network, Majid Hashemi

Teachers' Perceptions of Interactive Read-Alouds in the Middle School Self-Contained Classroom, Hayley Hoover

Entropic Contributions to Shape Memory Induced Self-Healing Polymers, Christopher Hornat and Marek W. Urban

Faster Evacuation after Disaster: Finding Alternative Routes using Probable Human Behavior, Anurata Prabha Hridi, Dipto Das, Md Monowar Anjum, and Tanmay Das

Isolation and Quantification of Human Urinary Exosomes by Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography on PET C-CP Fiber Phase, Sisi Huang, Tyler J. Slonecki, Lei Wang, and Rhonda R. Powell

Screening unsaturated fat sources included to low and high forage diets with different fat dietary concentration using an in vitro gas production system, Saad M. Hussein, M. X. Toledo, S. Twyman, and O. Thomas

The Role of Start-up Packages on Faculty Professional Development, Alena Hӧfrová and Arelis Moore de Peralta

Assessment of Crash Location Improvements in Map-Based Geocoding Systems and Subsequent Benefits to Safety, Adika Mamammadrahimli Iqbal and Wayne Sarasua

Modification of Nitrogen Mineralization Dynamics of Rendered Animal Materials for Enhanced Nitrogen use Efficiency, Bhupinder Singh Jatana, Christopher Kitchens, Christopher Ray, and Nishanth Tharayil

Repetition-rate dependent femtosecond laser ablation of fused silica at high fluences in air, Xiao Jia

Preservice Educators' Perceptions About Two Types of Vocabulary Progress Monitoring Measures, Friggita Johnson, Michelle Popham, Simone Adams, and Pamela M. Stecker

Simulating Ion Scattering Trajectories on a Stepped Surface, P. R. Johnson and C. E. Sosolik

Use of anabolic implants in calves to increase weaning weight and background gains, S. M. Justice, B. Beer, G. S. Sell, and J. G. Andrae

Elucidating the factors that regulate specificity of crop-AMF association in resource limited soil, Sukhmanpreet Kaur and Vidya Suseela

Student Agency in Virtual Writing Feedback, Alicia Kelley

Use of Biomass Waste in the Construction Industry, Harish Konduru and Prasad Rangaraju

Simulation of Heat Assisted Single Point Incremental Forming of Thermoplastics, Shubhamkar Kulkarni

Thermal Degradation of Chemical Warfare Agents Utilizing Pyrolyzed Cotton Balls, Bryan A. Lagasse, Mathhew S. Blais, and Carlos D. Garcia

Toxicological effects of tire wear particles on mummichogs and fathead minnows, Stephanie B. LaPlaca and Peter van den Hurk

Particle focusing and separation in xanthan gum solutions, Di Li and Xiangchun Xuan

Predictive Factors of Players' Acceptance of Using Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) to acquire English as a Second Language, Juan Li

Examining the Built Environment as a Contextual Factor to Family Engagement in the NICU, Herminia Machry and Anjali Joseph

Creating a Fly Model for Coffin-Siris Syndrome, Rebecca A. MacPherson, Robert R.H. Anholt, and Trudy F.C. Mackay

Improving the Performance of Membranes used for the Treatment of Impaired Waters, Anna Malakian and Scott Husson

Particles Focusing in Ferrofluids with Magnet, Amir Malekanfard, Di Li, and Xiangchun Xuan

Intermodal Warehouses, Dilhani Shalika Marasinghe, Bill Ferrell, and Amin Khademi

Deep Orange 7: Development and usability testing of a novel parking assist system that aids other drivers while parking, Lauren Mims, Johnell Brooks, Mitch Beckman, and Breno Schwambach

Investigation and Optimization of Metastructure with Energy Loss, Andrew Montalbano, Dr. Fadel, Dr. Li, and Dr. Coutris

Yoga for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Pilot Study, Kaitlin E. Mueller, Em V. Adams, Claire T. Kelly, and Anita M. Reina

Technological Innovation and Educational Attainment: Evidence From the Fracking Boom, Elijah Neilson

Developing a rational method to participation cementitious mortars containing Meta-Kaolin for application in additive manufacturing, Haripriya Nekkanti and Prasad Rao Rangaraju

Operating Room Redesign - Zanmi Lasante Hospital | Cange, Haiti, Lam Nguyen, Hannah Shultz, and Autumn Wines

Effects of white-tailed deer herbivory on upland plant communities in the Piedmont of South Carolina, Calvin Norman, Susan T. Guynn, David C. Guynn, and John H. Thrift

Dynamics of the Human Dental Microbiome, Lauren O'Connell

Corner of the Classroom: Sense of Belonging in Education Students, Robert M. O'Hara and Debi Switzer

Influence of calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) nano-particles on the mechanism of cement hydration and evolution of hydration phases, Abdul Basit Peerzada and Prasad Rangaraju

Investigating the Factors Affecting an Older Adult's Dental Care Provider Choice, Amal Ponathil, Amro Khasawneh, and Kapil Chalil Madathil

The Effect of Endogenous vs. Exogenous Labor Market Flexibility on Gender Wage Gaps, Benjamin Posmanick and Peter Blair

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Age, Body Size and Exercise on Cardiovascular Parameters, Aseem Pradham and Ethan Kung

Video Modeling to Teach Post-Secondary Students with Intellectual Disabilities Community Mobility: A Pilot Study, Kristina N. Randall, Shanna E. Hirsch, Abigail Allen, and Joseph Ryan

Electrochemical μPAD with Prussian Blue Pyrolyzed Electrodes to Detect Amino Acid Chirality in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, Paige A. Reed, Maria Fernanda Mora, and Carlos D. Garcia

Engineering Fast Multilevel Support Vector Machines, Ehsan Sadrfaridpour, Talayeh Razzaghi, and Ilya Safro

Lipidomics analysis of acetyl-CoA-depleted Trypanosoma brucei, Joshua Saliutama and Kimberly Paul

Targeting Kinase Networks in Glioblastoma, Deepraj Sarmah, Gregory Smith, Samuel Dillon, and Pamela Bretcher

Using Environmental DNA to Identify Habitat Requirements and Restoration Objectives for the Carolina Heelsplitter, Ben Schmidt, Cathy Jachowski, Stephen Spear, and Amelia Tomi

Conceptualization and implementation of an alternative cooling system on the Deep Orange 7 concept vehicle, Breno Schwambach, Johnell Brooks, Paul Venhovens, and Kartik Bagga

Who really understands the information presented on instrument clusters?, Breno Schwambach, Lauren Mims, Casey Jenkins, and Johnell Brooks

Education of the Mechanism for Ethene Hydrogenation over Single Metal Cation Catalysts: A Combined Modeling and Experimental Study, Hafeera Shabbir, Steven Pellizzeri, Magali Ferrandon, and Massimiliano Delferro

Parallel Global Optimization of Large-Scale Alternating Current Optimal Power Flow Problems, Yuanxun Shao, Dillard L. Robertson, and Joseph K. Scott

Ultrasensitive Immunosensing Platform Based on Analyte Induced Disruption of Luminescence Quenching (AIDLuQ), Bipin Sharma, Shailendra Chiluwal, Achyut J. Raghavendra, and Ramakrishna Podila

Quantum Local Search for Graph Community Detection, Ruslan Shaydulin, Hayato Ushijima-Mwesigwa, Ilya Safro, and Susan Mniszewski

Effect of Modified Atmosphere on Hot Filled Peach Puree in Pouches, Steven Skrypee and William Scott Whiteside

Modeling the behavior of anaerobic work capacity in cycling, Vijay Sarthy M. Sreedhara

Well-being and Engineering: Personal and Professional Well-Being Experiences of Tenured Female Engineering Faculty, Shannon K. Stefl

Using Exam Wrappers in a Self-Directed First-Year Learning Strategies Course, Abigail T. Stephen, Laurel Whisler, Elizabeth A. Stephan, and Bridget G. Trogden

Moliere: Automatic Biomedical Hypothesis Generation, Justin Sybrandt, Michael Shtutman, and Ilya Safro

Predicting Optimal Error-Bounded-Lossy-Compression (EBLC) Configuration, Robert Underwood, Jon Calhoun, and Amy Apon

Coating Orthopedic Implants with an Epoxy Based PH Sensitive Layer to Image PH Changes on Implant Surface through Tissue Using X-ray Excited Luminescence Chemical Imaging, Unaiza Uzair, Chloe Johnson, Donald Benza, and Shayesteh Beladi

Thermal-Mechanical Numerical Modeling of Friction Element Welding, Ankit Varma and Xin Zhao

Towards an Immersive Driving Simulator to Study Factors Related to Cybersickness, R. Venkatakrishnan, A. Bhargava, K. M. Lucaites, and M. Volonte

ROW VR- Can Competing with Someone Make You Perform Better?, R. Venkatakrishnan, R. Venkatakrishnan, A. Robb, and S. V. Babu

Re-imagining the Rhetorics of Human-Computer Interaction: Addressing HCl issues and problems in Non-Western cultures, Octaviyanti Dwi Wahyurini

The Casual Effects of Wages on Labour Supply for Married Women — Evidence from American Couples, Bob Wen and Zhao Liu

Characterizing Machine Health utilizing Sensor Fusion and Pattern Recognition for a PVC doser, Ethan Wescoat

The Impact of Family Size on the Substance Use Behaviors of Mothers and Children, Sarah Wilson

Anaerobic treatment of high fat content wastewater at various loading rates, Ao Xie and Sudeep C. Popat

A Comparison of Several Missing Data Imputation Techniques for Analyzing Different Types of Missingness, Tiantian Yang and William Bridges

Synthesis and characterization of Multi-dopant Ferrite Magnetic Nanoparticles with Designed Structures, Zichun Yan, Sara FitzGerald, Thomas Crawford, and O. Thompson Mefford

Collapsing Hotspots, Extinction, and Recovery in Herbivorous Reef Fishes, Katerina L. Zapfe, Bruno Frédérich, Francesco Santini, and Sarah Federman

A Rapid Detection Method for Microorganisms in Food, Yueyuan Zhang, Tim Hanks, Julia Northcutt, and Bill Pennington

Water Structure and Its Correlation to Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation, Jiarun Zhou, Brittany Glatz, Nurun N. Lata, and Sapna Sarupria

Physiological and Lipidomic Characterization of Heat Response in Peanut, Zolian S. Zoong Lwe, Sruthi Narayanan, Dan Anco, and Nishanth Tharayil

Evaluating the integrity of forested riparian buffers over a large area using LiDAR data and Google Earth Engine, H. A. Zurqani, C. J. Post, E. A. Mikhailova, and Michael P. Cope