Forestry and Natural Resources

An Introduction to Common Low Impact Development Strategies for Stormwater Management

Student Author Information

Payton Davis- CAFLS Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences Graduate Student

Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2024

Publication Number

LGP 1191


As more natural landscapes are becoming urbanized in South Carolina, proper stormwater conveyance is needed to protect natural water resources. Urbanization is linked with increased surface water pollution and erosion. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for clean water as the population grows. Planners and municipal managers are encouraged to install and implement low impact development (LID) strategies to meet these needs. Managers, planners, and residents will benefit from understanding the associated concerns from urbanization and two of the most basic LID strategies: bioretention cells and stormwater wetlands.

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Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension

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Clemson, SC

Target Audiences

City planners, Municipal managers, Homeowners, Environmental science students