Forestry and Natural Resources

Streamflow – What is it and how do we measure it?

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Meredith Brock - CECAS Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences Graduate Student

Clemson Extension Program Team

Water Resources

Publication Date

Spring 3-30-2023

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LGP 1160


Streamflow tells how much water is flowing past a certain point in a stream or river. It affects almost all aspects of stream health, including essential biological and chemical processes. Many institutions, agencies, organizations, and landowners rely on measurements of flow for pollutant management, flood designations, and environmental management. This article will address key questions about streamflow: What is it? Who measures it? How and why is it measured? When and where is it measured?

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Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension

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Clemson, SC

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land and water management professionals, state agencies, Extension agents, city planners, research institutions

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