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This research project focuses on the interrelations between health and culture in the Hispanic countries and their impact on individuals and communities. The research explores medical diseases and conditions, people's traditions, beliefs, and perceptions related to concerns related to health issues, home remedies, behavior change, family and community, doctor-patient relationship, and social aspects of public health (ethnicity, gender, poverty). Students will have the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with the researchers and participate in service learning activities to help Hispanic communities and collect data for this research project. CI students will lead the following research topics in the Dominican Republic: 1) self-medication, low-income population accessibility to medicines, and the governmental pharmacy system (Boticas Populares) (Caleb Addis); 2) domestic violence as a public health concern (Aliyah Anjarwalla); 3) how chronic diseases are promoted, prevented and controlled (Deepti Athavale); 4) hepatitis A as a public health concern (Thomas Cotton); 5) challenges/barriers of people with disabilities to access physical therapy services (Breci Davis) ; 6) cultural and socio-economic determinants of childhood obesity (Michelle Fuentes); 7)medical equipment maintenance at public health care settings: advantages and disadvantages of donated equipment (Hannah Haire); 8) challenges and opportunities for the implementation of the HIV Vertical Transmission Prevention Program (Ashley Jamison); and 9) a behavioral theory analysis of drug abuse (Katherine Orellana).