K. Holba
V. Matic

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Mission: Promote rebuilding of a multi-ethnic society in rebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina Methods: The group organizes events to engage Clemson students to collect aid for the students in Srebrenica. This is a small city, which was the site of the genocide in 1995 and ethnically cleansed, and it is recovering very slowly. There is an effort to build ethnic tolerance and it starts with youth. The forms of aid have been determined based on their needs and our capability. Close relationship has been established with The House of Confidence, a local NGO in Srebrenica. Their work is focused on children and young people many of whom are thinking about leaving because of lack of jobs, and also ethnically motivated political struggles. This past May twelve suitcases filled with clothing, school supplies, and other necessities were transported to the town and handed out to different groups of children ages 5-teens. Conclusion: Our group hopes to shed light and expose the Clemson community to the Balkan region. We want to build support in Clemson for the people of Srebrenica.