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This project is focused on helping middle and high school students learn how to program and think computationally. We are creating a set of resources that will be used by the students to understand programming, Python, and PyGames concepts. These resources will be used for teaching the two one-week summer camps through Clemson University's Pre-Collegiate programs in June and July 2014. This camp has been offered at Georgia Tech and Clemson University for two summers using a drag and drop visual programming language to help students create games. The instructors have found that the camp attendees do not find the visual programming language to be challenging enough. Thus, we are designing curricula to teach introductory computing concepts with the Python and PyGames programming languages in a fun and creative way and to give students the opportunity to learn to design and program their own games. We are also designing and creating our own games as a way to learn the language and have examples for the kids in the camp to build upon. This project was initiated this semester and we will pilot resources this summer during the two weeks of camp. We will showcase the initial games and resources created for this project.