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The eastern gray squirrel (Sciuruscarolinensis) (EGS) is a common nuisance species throughout its range. A new means of limitingEGSpopulation is being tested onClemson University's campus by administering the drugDiazaConâ„¢ orally with coatedsunflower kernels.The objective of this study is to determine the best bait for administeringDiazaConâ„¢ while minimizing non-target usage.The usage of three baits:corn, peanuts, andsunflowerseedswill betested by placing trail cameras facing feeders in squirrel-frequented trees.Each of the baits will havetwo feeders for a total of six. This same process will berepeated in areas classified as rural, urban with little foot traffic, and urban with heavy foot traffic. The pictures will then be analyzed to understand speciesusage and frequency.All bait typeswill be coated withDiazaConâ„¢ to determine the capacity of eachoneto hold thecontraceptivedrug. This capacity of each bait type and its preference or lack of preference by non-targets may offer an alternative contraceptive delivery method to the one currently being used withEGSthereby reducing non-target consumption.