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Our goal is to create a self-sustained waste management system in order to improve the sanitation and environmental health in Cange, Haiti. Cange currently has no waste management system; garbage is either piled in ravines or burned. We have divided Cange's waste into three waste streams for treatment: organics, plastics, and other. The organics will be primarily treated with municipal scale composting windrows and the finished compost will be sold to surrounding farms. The plan for the plastic materials is to work with merchants to minimize the need and use of disposable plastic, repurpose used plastic waste into other marketable items (e.g., woven bags, construction blocks, etc.), and to recycle them at a newly formed micro-recycling facility. Other materials are expected to be mainly construction debris, which is already widely repurposed by the community, so it will be collected in a central refuse pile. In conclusion, we believe this system will effectively process the waste in a beneficial manner to the community.