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In this Creative Inquiry, we have two main projects. Our first project aims to improve the cell culture process by eliminating the need for trypsin, an enzyme that dissociates cells from the surfaces they grow on, but also compromises cell membrane integrity and can kill cells over time. This will be done by growing cells on solar panels. Induced current via light exposure will repel the proteins from the surface so that the cells can be collected. The second project aims to determine the most viable and reproducible method of culturing cells in 3D geometry. Initial studies were done on fibroblast cells and further studies will focus on mimicking tumors. Various culturing environments, cell lines, and culturing surfaces (such as non-adhering surfaces) will be done to alter the geometries, size, and composition of the 3D geometries. The first project would be useful for pharmaceutical companies who culture large volumes of cells and for researchers who wish to study specific cell membrane proteins while the second project has applications in cancer research.