A cross-discipline approach to healthcare needs

A. Ford
D. Parekh
E. Shaw
M. Hobbs
N. Harper
S. Zadeh
K. Gainey


With rapid advancements in technology and growing demand for better healthcare, hospitals are struggling to find a balance between providing the best possible care and maintaining a responsible budget. This issue is especially evident in small hospitals lacking resources and infrastructure to keep up with modern technology. The Engineering for Modern Healthcare Creative Inquiry is a collaboration between Industrial Engineering and Bioengineering students. Our goal is to help small hospitals to develop efficient, cost-effective solutions to their needs. Currently, we are working with hospitals in South Carolina and Virginia to explore these solutions. We are interviewing clinicians, nurses, and other staff members to better understand current practices and identify improvement opportunities. Our initial focus will be on inventory management and sterile processing. Utilizing both departments' expertise, we will develop a comprehensive solution to this complicated need.