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Rotator cuff disease, common in elderly persons and athletes, is resultant of repetitive use of shoulder muscles or sudden impact to the area. The spectrum of injury ranges from tendonitis to a complete tear of the rotator cuff tendon which results in a myriad of treatments. Even though ultrasound is one of the most frequently used imaging techniques to diagnose this disease, it lacks contextual information and consistency needed for an accurate treatment plan. We are creating an ultrasound probe attachment using pressure sensing pads to measure force applied during imaging. Using our pads, we measured the change in resistance across the pad which can be used with pre-existing ultrasound imaging data to calculate the Young's Modulus of the tissue. We hope this will provide more consistency in characterizing the rotator cuff. For the clinician, having this additional information may help to determine the extent of the injury and be beneficial in determining the appropriate treatment.