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Clemson University's composting program currently uses an in-vessel composter to breakdown food waste to useable mulch that serves to supplement materials needed at the Botanical Gardens. Our Creative Inquiry is investigating ways in which the program can become more visible and expand to include other methods of food waste composting that will provide a demonstration of composting techniques useful for education and to yield valuable economic analyses as a basis for making future programmatic decisions. We have three projects in progress. The first project will result in a vermicomposting demonstration system that will be used to assess the feasibility and profitability of a future large-scale effort. The second project will gather data on the food hydrator that is on loan from Integrated Waste Solutions specifically to assess its cost/benefit and to evaluate the end result of using biodegradable products in the Clemson House dining facility. The final project will result in two the production of two videos to advertise the program and to provide a view of what happens to food as it decomposes.