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Spring 2015


Although there are limitations on how parents can care for their infant while in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), families need to be involved in their infants' health status and progress. This research study aims to address how educating and empowering NICU parents in areas of health and nutrition can improve their satisfaction during their child's hospitalization. Theywill have the ability to track the day-by-dayprogress of their baby by monitoring their child's temperature, weight, and nutritional care using an iOS app designed for NICU parents. Users will benefit from increased involvement in their child's care, and the ability to identify personal health goals for their child. Parental satisfaction will be measured using a parent satisfaction survey following use of the NICU app. Collaboration with the research team, Greenville Hospital System and March of Dimes is continuing. A team from Dr. Roy Pargas' graduate computer science iOS class has created a pilot NICU app for the study, and the research team is now working to finalize the application for use on the "App Store". This research is supported by the Calhoun Honors College and Creative Inquiry program.


Poster presentation at Clemson University 10th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Forum, Clemson, SC.