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Spring 2015


There is a problem on Clemson's campus: hundreds, if not thousands, of students have original ideas that have never been developed into anything more than just that - an idea. The DEN (Design & Entrepreneurship Network) aims to solve that problem. The DEN is a multidisciplinary Creative Inquiry in which students bring an idea, form interdisciplinary teams, and receive mentorship from outside experts in the development of their product or company at weekly meetings. The DEN launched in January 2014 with four bioengineering majors and one business major. Today, it has over 40 participants every meeting. Even though The DEN is young, it has already yielded at least one company, Accessible Diagnostics, which has gotten some international buzz and a commitment of $500,000 in private investment. However, building companies is not the only metric by which The DEN measures its success. The DEN also measures success by its ability to provide a network, mentor access to students/faculty, and education to future intrapreneurs. The DEN may not have been made possible without the work of Dr. John DesJardins, Breanne Przestrzelski, and countless other supporters.


Poster presentation at Clemson University 10th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Forum, Clemson, SC.