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Spring 2015


The Clemson University Retrieval of Explants Program and Registry in Orthopaedics (CU-REPRO) is a student-led creative inquiry program created in 2008. CU-REPRO is a working repository of more than 500 explanted joint replacements collected from cooperative partnerships with 11 hospitals in South Carolina. This program provides an exciting opportunity for students to work with orthopedic surgical teams to collect and process explanted medical devices. This program allows students to explore clinical problems associated with surgical and patient variables, and develop the tools and techniques for systematic evaluation of implant designs, biomaterials, and function. It is one of only a few implant retrieval programs in the country and distinguishes itself by incorporating undergraduate education, biomaterials research and community outreach in its mission. This year, CU-REPRO began research into hip replacements to determine reasons why a subset of explanted femoral stems were received with mid-stem fractures. Review of clinical records revealed that some stems were cut during revision surgery to aid removal while others endured fatigue fractures while in the patients. This semester, the engineering significance of this finding will be explored, as related to loading conditions, stem size and material. The goal is to publish these findings in a suitable orthopaedics journal and make a meaningful scientific contribution. The REPRO team would like to thank the Clemson University Creative Inquiry program for the opportunity to continue to build the growing registry and to expand the program to include research projects.


Poster presentation at Clemson University 10th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Forum, Clemson, SC.