Impact of mobile devices on clinical laboratory data

C. Chaudhary
J. Albertson
C. Andrews
A. Anglin
L. Bulloch
T. Dennison
J. Elder
C. Holliday
C. Lyron
E. Smith
R. Smith
V. Gallicchio


Recent advancements in mobile wireless devices (smart phones and tablets) have given these products the potential to drastically alter the practice of healthcare. The project described determined how these devices would assist in improving diagnosis, treatment, and therapeutic outcomes in the delivery of healthcare. Also, it seeks to determine if the healthcare community feels these devices will make healthcare more cost effective and affordable. To cover multiple aspects of healthcare, several groups have been targeted: clinical laboratory; emergency, dental, rehabilitation, and surgical medicine; hospital administration; diagnostic imaging technology; public health; and veterinary medicine. This presentation will focus on our current results pertaining to the clinical laboratory. A questionnaire was distributed to clinical laboratory personnel both domestic and international. Questionnaire data was analyzed. The respondents concluded the use of mobile wireless devices have and will improve the dissemination of laboratory data in the coming years. The devices will assist in direct clinical assessment of reported test results even directly to the patient. Additionally, responders noted such devices should allow greater and improved access to medical literature that is web-based such as test procedures, treatment protocols, and guidelines. Also, responders reported these devices should improve laboratory work productivity and efficiency. In the future, the project will to continue monitor the impact of mobile devices in these areas of health care in order to help define the effect of mobile wireless devices to improve future healthcare delivery and practice.