Who Counts as a Writer? : Examining Child, Teacher, and Parent Perceptions of Writing

Anna H. Hall, Clemson University
Kelley M. White, College of Charleston
Ying Guo, University of Cincinnati


The current study used a mixed method design with 245 preschool children, 255 teachers, and 156 parents. Researchers interviewed children and surveyed teachers and parents about their perceptions of preschool children’s writing abilities and developmental writing stages. The results of the study showed that each group defined writing differently and parents were less likely to have positive perceptions about preschool children’s writing abilities than children and teachers. Correlation analysis demonstrated that teacher and parent perceptions of children's writing abilities were not related to children's own perceptions of their writing abilities in this study. This study illuminates that alignment of home and school writing practices could be improved through parent education about developmental writing stages, by asking children about their own writing perceptions, and by encouraging sharing between parents and teachers about their home and school practices and philosophies related to writing.