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The Eighteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf focused on Woolf as editor both of her own work and of the Hogarth Press, and on editing Woolf—on the conflation of textual and theoretical criticism of Woolf's oeuvre. Since many contributors to the conference, like Woolf, were editors, creative writers, and critics, the sessions, readings, and plenary talks highlighted the intersections of those three roles. The papers collected in this volume represent the entire range of the 33 conference panels—from the Cambridge University Press Roundtable to the session on Modernist Archives and Intellectual Property. The essays variously addressed the "granite" of close textual reading and the "rainbow" of theoretical approaches to Woolf's writings. Several more flexible versions of editing emerge in the papers that discuss adaptations of Woolf to film, theatre, and music. Brenda Silver's keynote address in memory of Julia Briggs opens the volume, and James Haule's plenary talk concludes it.


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