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According to Clemson University Chief Public Affairs Officer Cathy Sams, "It's time to tell the story of women at Clemson, maybe way past time. After all, you could say that Clemson owes its origin to a woman. The estate that Thomas Green Clemson bequeathed to South Carolina to found a college came into his possession through his wife, Anna Calhoun." However, after "the Board of Trustees decided in 1954 to make Clemson a civilian, coeducational college,…women did not arrive in large numbers until that 'sea change' took place—more than 60 years after the school opened its doors. Current President James F. Barker has said that each time Clemson has made such a major change, it has emerged as a stronger institution." This book recounts the history leading up to the "sea change" of 1954 and profiles the subsequent accomplishments of women students, faculty, staff, and administrators at the university.


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Women and Clemson University: Excellence—Yesterday and Today