Bayou Coeur & Other Stories

Bayou Coeur & Other Stories

Larry Gray

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"Larry Gray's Bayou Coeur is the thing that readers hunger for, storytelling that lights up the mind like a movie screen and gives a strong sense of place woven from authentic detail—writing that flows like the currents of the heart." —Tim Gautreaux, author of The Clearing, Next Step in the Dance, The Missing, Welding with Children

"Larry Gray is a master storyteller. He knows his people, their histories and their voices. This collection is simply unforgettable." —Bev Marshall, author of Right as Rain and Walking through Shadows

"I spent all of two days in New Orleans once—in a hotel—at a conference. So really, I've never experienced Louisiana other than through the lyrical language and gentle storytelling of Larry Gray. As he maps the tour, it's a fascinating, wistful and flavorful journey not to be missed." —Neal Radice, artistic director of Alleyway Theatre, Buffalo, NY