Eye of the World

Eye of the World

Ronald Moran

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"The great poems are poems of retrieval or thanks or both, and Ronald Moran's plain-spoken, affecting lyrics are squarely in this last category. He searches for and finds the people, now gone, who made his life what it is: his parents, the girls he dated, his beloved wife Jane. In doing so, this grateful, gifted poet teaches us how to burrow into and recognize the riches in our own lives." —David Kirby

"Poem after poem shows an intelligent mind at work, one that is also good-natured, quirky and self-deprecatory." —Susan Meyers

"Moran uses plain language to great effect, crafting narrative poems that are compelling and self-contained, but when linked together in this collection, create a poignant love story and in a sense, a how-to-manual for living with the hardships of a long illness, surviving the loss of a loved one and coping with the grief and isolation that follows." —Richard Allen Taylor