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The colloquium magazine (edited by Donna Winchell, Wayne Chapman, and Dan Wueste) is a condensed collection of the various speeches and ideas voiced during the colloquium events held throughout the academic year. The theme for academic year 2001-02 was "Science and Values: New Frontiers, Perennial Questions." In dozens of classes across campus this theme was integrated into class discussions, and students read, wrote, and attended lectures on the subject. Although Presidential Colloquia usually span the academic year, after September 11, the Colloquium theme was changed to "The Brave New World in Time of War," in order to reflect the unfolding political events after the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. Discussions centered on the roles of ethics and fundamental values in time of war.


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The Presidential Colloquium (2001-2002) Science and Values: New Frontiers, Perennial Questions